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What We Do

  • Game Development

    Little Bird Games makes educational and therapeutic video, board, and card games. We offer full service serious game development based on the most current research and best practices from the fields of instructional design and game design.

  • Teaching and Professional Development

    We offer customized events that cover topics like game design and development, badge-based curriculum design, and strategies for using game design in the classroom. Events can be tailored to address specific topics or audiences.

  • Consulting

    Do you have great subject matter but need help with creative direction? Do you need an existing design evaluated? We can step in at any stage of the development process and help make your project a success.

  • Online Courses and Badge Systems

    Little Bird Games has established itself as an industry leader in digital badge system design and development. We also offer custom online course development with features like embedded games, comic-style narratives, non-traditional grading, digital badges, and learner dashboards.

Spotlight Projects

  • Little Bird Games was honored to be named as a finalist in the Digital Media and Learning, Badges for Life Long Learning Competition. Our entry into the competition, Badge Forge, was a tool that empowered not only badge issuers but badge earners to create and issue their own digital badges that connect to the Mozilla Badge Backpack.

  • Currently under development for a major university, this series of arcade-style therapeutic games is designed to improve player’s working memory. The system will serve as a hub for ADHD researchers, therapists, and patients.

  • The Lost Bee is a children’s eBook filled with an inspiring story and games that parents and children can enjoy together while they learn about the importance of protecting pollinators. Hand painted scenes tell the story of a bumble bee larva that is accidentally raised by honeybees. In order to become part of the hive the bumble bee must learn to do honey bee jobs. During the experience readers will have to help Bumble learn to be a honey bee by playing games that replicate real bee activities like honeycomb building, hive cooling, and foraging for nectar and pollen.

  • Little Bird Games created a series of simulated patient conversations that help train nurses to recognize PTSD symptoms and make correct referrals. The purpose of the sims was to help nurses diagnose and treat PTSD in patients. During the experience players assess the extent of a patient’s PTSD symptoms, perform motivational interviewing, and make a referral.

Partners and Clients

Our clients are people who care as much about motivation as they do learning, educators brave enough to challenge what we expect from students, and businesses willing to invest in training that goes beyond clicking next to read more.

About Us

Little Bird Games was founded in 2011 in Pittsburgh, PA by game developers who learned the business of creating serious games at the University of Central Florida RETRO Lab. We are a virtual business which means Little Birds can live and work wherever they please. We are ed-tech geeks, academics, gamers who love playing games as much as making them, and educators that care deeply about our players.

Executive Team

Lucas Blair PhD

Founder/Creative Director

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  • Instructional Design
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  • Game Programming (JavaScript, Unity)​
  • Backend Web Development (PHP, Ruby on Rails)

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